Duke University | Pratt School of Engineering

Pratt Pouch

The Pratt Pouch is a foilized, polyethylene pouch designed to extend the life of antiretroviral medication. Pregnant, HIV+ women that have a high likelihood of giving birth at home in resource-poor countries are provided with enough pouches to prevent the transmission of HIV to their child. More

Duke-EWH Summer Institute

A two month, hands-on engineering summer program in Nicaragua and Tanzania. The first month of in-depth medical equipment repair training and language classes is followed up by a month of immersive work at a partner hospital. More

BMET Library

Engineering World Health and the DHT Lab have created a library of resources for hospital technicians in low-resource settings. Subjects include: Health Technology Management, Equipment Repair, Physiology, and Mathematics. Visit the library

BME 462 & 195

The DHT Lab sponsors two hands-on design courses focusing on appropriate healthcare technology design and challenges in resource-poor settings. Make sure you sign up early! More


Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) Program

The DHT Lab creates sustainable, educational frameworks for biomedical technicians in developing countries by providing an evidence-based BTA curriculum; developing novel technology; analyzing current donation practices, and enhancing local access to technical resources. More

About the Lab

The Developing World Healthcare Technologies Lab (DHT Lab) is dedicated to; understanding, creating and disseminating healthcare technology to the world's neediest. We do this by developing new technologies to address unmet needs, supporting and assessing programs to train hospital technicians in the developing world, conducting research that informs practice and policy, and mentoring the next generation of innovators and designers.