Technologies for global health

TitleTechnologies for global health
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHowitt P, Darzi A, Yang G-Z, Ashrafian H, Atun R, Barlow J, Blakemore A, Bull AMJ, Car J, Conteh L, Cooke GS, Ford N, Gregson SAJ, Kerr K, King D, Kulendran M, Malkin RA, Majeed A, Matlin S, Merrifield R, Penfold HA, Reid SD, Smith PC, Stevens MM, Templeton MR, Vincent C, Wilson E
JournalThe Lancet
Start Page507
Pagination507 - 535
Date Published01/2012

Availability of health technology is inversely related to health need. Although health-care systems in highincome countries make extensive use of technology, people in the world's poorest countries often lack the most fundamental drugs and devices. A concerted global eff ort to encourage the development and use of health technologies that can benefi t the poorest people in the world is needed.

Short TitleThe Lancet