Our Staff

Robert A. Malkin

Robert A. Malkin

Professor of the Practice Emeritus in the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Phone: +1 919 660 5131

Professor Malkin is interested in medical instrumentation in the developing world.

Dr. Malkin is also the founder of Engineering World Health and the Global Public Service Academies. These unique study abroad programs allow undergraduates (EWH) and high school students (GPSA) to study and work in developing world healthcare settings.

Dr. Malkin also conducts research and development focused on medical equipment in the developing world.

Professor Malkin's work on medical instrumentation in the developing world has been supported by Engineering World Health, The National Institutes of Health, The American Heart Association, The Whitaker Foundation, the National Science Foundation and other organizations.

The DHT-Lab runs educational programs such as the EWH Summer Institute and formal classes and provides research and product development opportunities for undergraduates interested in developing world healthcare technology.

Engineering World Health Summer Institute is a unique study abroad program that allows undergraduates to study and work in developing world hospitals. Dr. Malkin and his associates have helped hospitals in Sudan, Nigeria, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone and many other places. If you came to this site looking for high school programs, consider visiting the Global Public Service Academies a non-Duke program run by Dr. Malkin.

Pegeen  Ryan-Murray

Pegeen Ryan-Murray

Assistant Director Duke-EWH Summer Institute Programs

Phone: (919) 660-5181

Pegeen manages the selection processes and administration for the Duke-EWH Summer Institute Programs in Nicaragua and Tanzania in collaboration with EWH staff. Her primary responsibility is to assist students both domestic and abroad as they go through the process to participate in both programs. Pegeen’s background is in education and she has worked with students at Duke for the last 7 years.