Supporting Student Research


DHT Lab Fellows

Duke students interested in deepening their contribution to the developing world can apply to become DHT Lab Fellows. This fellowship funds students for two semesters of course credit with a summer in a developing world hospital. Students focus on the advanced design, dissemination, or development of medical equipment for resource-poor settings. 

To find out more, download the application or contact Professor Malkin.

Application Deadline: Fall of Junior year

Pratt Research Fellows

Duke engineering undergrads interested in conducting intensive research on medical devices in the developing world can apply to become Pratt Research Fellows. This fellows program is a great way to deepen your understanding of global health and make a truly long-term impact. 

To find out more, visit the Pratt Research Fellows web site or contact Martha Absher.

Application Deadline: October 2014

Work Study Students

Work study is a program in which Duke students participate in part-time, paid work in the DHT Lab. This is a great opportunity for gaining relevant work experience in a research lab setting while being exposed to various projects that our lab staff work on year-round. Previous students have successfully worked on various aspects of the Pratt Pouch project, medical equipment troubleshooting charts as well as data analysis.

Past Work Study Projects:

  • Low-Cost Endoscope for Developing Countries; Kelsey Goon
  • Power Supply Lab Exercise for Duke-EWH Summer Institute Lab Book; Christine Schindler
  • Enhancing the Pratt Pouch Portfolio; Diyi "Judy" Zhu
  • National PMTCT Protocols in Resource-Poor Countries; Bianca Bracht

All students receiving financial aid have a work study expectation as part of their initial financial aid award. DHT Lab oppenings are posted throughtout the year on the Duke List.

NAE Grand Challenge Scholars

Active participants in the DHT-Lab can also apply to become National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Scholars. This exciting and selective program offers the participants the chance to work on their selected projects over an extended period of time. These proejcts align with one of NAE's 14 wide-ranging Grand Challenges for Engineering. DHT Lab coursework, the EWH Summer Institute and the DHT Lab Fellows program can be used to form the basis for a Grand Challenge Scholars application.

Previous DHT Lab supervised NAE Grand Challenge projects include:

  • Delivery of Anti-retroviral Medication to Mothers Delivering at Home; Michael Maranzano (2013)
  • The X-Ray Development Timer: Improving X-Ray Quality in the Developing World; Amanda Britt (2012)
  • Global Innovative Uses of Electrical Stimulation as Personalized Therapies; Patrick Ye (2010)

To find out more, visit Duke's NAE Grand Challenge Scholars web site or contact Martha Absher.

Duke-EWH Student Chapter

The Engineering World Health Chapter at Duke gives students design project experience and teaches practical electronics skills. There are projects available for all ability levels and members are presented with a great opportunity to learn from upperclassmen as well as professors.

To find out more, visit their Wiki.